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What is Church Window Film®?

Church Window Film® is a revolution in stained glass window decoration. It's a quality custom made stained glass UV window film that looks like genuine stained glass, at a small fraction of the cost. Our beautiful film is priced for anyone to enjoy it. This film is a high quality (non flaking or peeling) premium, 2-mil(50 micron) cast UV protectant window film. It is perfect for privacy, decorative or architectural applications. Our state-of-the-art film comes with strong adhesive backing that grips the glass for longevity. And we guarantee it too! View our 10 year guarantee.

We started making church windows in 1979 (through Bell Stained Glass) and later on began Church Window Film® because of the quality, affordability, and flexibility that decorative stained glass window film can offer in relation to genuine stained glass. The tools needed to effectively create such a product were not available until the last 20 years or so. Rapid turn around and quality are the number one goals for our customers. We take pride in our customer service and hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Can you use this film on double paned type windows, I have heard it will void our warranty because it will crack the glass?

Our product IS PERFECTLY SAFE to use on double pane windows.  Blackout type tints/films, which ARE unsafe for use on double panels windows, trap heat in-between the panes and result in cracking to your windows, is NOT what we sell . Our film WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR WINDOW PANES. 

How long does it take to get my order once it's placed?

In most cases, your Church Window Film® stained glass window film order will arrive in about 2-3 weeks after we receive your payment. Many orders generally take less time and can be received in under 2 weeks. Custom work and preinstalled options (tempered glass and framed) take longer. We can accommodate rush orders most times for a small fee.

What are my installation options? Do I have to install or can you guys install for me? 

You have three options: One is install the films yourself, which IS simple when you follow our easy to follow instructions, you're using a soapy water that gives you leeway to properly place your film when you are putting it up. Most orders fall under this category. If your windows are large or its a huge order you don't feel like messing with you can either hire us personally to come out and professionally install for you which we have done on numerous occasions all over the country. Third option is to hire a local commercial type window film business to install the films for you. 

What is your return/ refund policy on you Stained glass window coverings?

All orders are final since our product is custom made to specific sizes and there is no way we can resell anything once the order is placed. Should there be any issues in the order itself that are incorrect, we would do everything we could to replace that film for you. But there are no refunds or returns, we go through many steps to ensure orders are correct including a visual mock up process where you sign off personally on your order, if correct, if theres any changes, they can be made at that time. This personal service to ensure satisfaction is why we don't accept online ordering, there are too many variables to factor in on these types of jobs, we strive 110% for satisfaction from our customers.

Is there a guarantee or warranty? How long will my image last?

Church Window Film® quality window coverings is produced using the latest expensive UV resistant dyes applied to UV blocking film which is then applied to the interior glass of the windows. Church Window Film can provide many years of pleasure and beauty to your home and church. It is even safe on double paned windows. From experience, this film does NOT peel or flake off like cheap films, it stays in place. In fact our film BEFORE adding multiple layers of UV protectant dyes blocks a majority of harmful UV on its own. The multiple layers of dyes ensures a rich color you will not get elsewhere.  Our state-of-the-art UV blockers keep a large percentage of the sun rays out of your room, ensuring greater comfort by blocking out heat, glare, and damaging UV. This fact alone will save you money in utilities and replacement of sun bleached carpeting and upholstery. Our 10 year guarantee covers the cost of any damage to our film due to extreme peeling or extreme fading. You are not going to find this type of guarantee with some lesser companies that may save you a few bucks up from. Fact is our quality window coverings are competitively priced against the competition while giving you the peace of mind to NOT worry about your film peeling off in a few years or fading away. See details of our exclusive guarantee HERE.

What makes Church Window Film® different from others?

We are actual stained glass artisans and have been since the 70's as opposed to someone who simply rehashes pictures they find online like a few competitors. We were the first to develop digital ornate religious backlit scenes for areas behind the baptismal pools in churches through our Religious Images Mural company. Not just anybody can do religious work. You can't simply scan a picture out of a book and stick it on a window. We actually clean and modify these works digitally, fix blemishes, clean up unwanted black lines, giving your design a cleaner look. Many of our colors come from the actual stained glass sheets we keep at our business. We also use a multi layer printing process to ensure rich color, it takes longer to print and dry but it is so worth it once you see the product up in windows. At Church Window Film®, our motto is "your church is as important as our church". Sometimes our customers get one or two of our quality window coverings to try out, and immediately order it in the rest of the church after putting it up. The impact of seeing it in your church is magnificent. Others use inferior products not backed with the industry leading warranty we offer. We have had to replace other products that flaked off and fell apart within a year, or that had poor quality color and artwork. Please, don't make the mistake that they did. It's not worth it. Don't pay more down the line our window coverings are worth it.

Church Window Film® films are the perfect complement in churches and homes.

Do you produce custom window coverings? What if I have an odd sized window?

Of course, we enjoy doing this kind of work and our team of designers have over 100 years of combined experience in stained glass and design work. In a way you can honestly say ALL jobs we do are custom jobs, as all window sizes are different and all jobs are sized to fit YOUR size, not the size that the other guys give you. We welcome the opportunity for ALL types of custom work. Our art department is well trained and works fast. Simply give us a call and share your vision with us. Modification fees may be added depending on the job.

Can we see how this product looks in our church before we order?

We always welcome the chance to show you how beautiful your church will look with our decorative window film. Simply email or text (251-377-1227) us an inside shot of your church and design choice and we will quickly send you a modified picture of your church with the design in it. When completing an order we ALWAYS send you an email mock-up of the design for final approval before making the film, your satisfaction is our number one priority! For more information CLICK HERE

I like the designs, but can I change a couple colors?

At Church Window Film®, the customer comes first. For example, should you want a more blue toned window, we would be glad to do that for you. Most minor changes can be done quickly and at no extra charge to you. Call us with your ideas today! No order is produced until the customer approves a visual mock up of their design.

I like stained glass, why should I choose Church Window Film®?

First, our stained glass window coverings are very affordable, a small fraction of the cost of similar stained glass. It's beautiful and there before you know it, get your order in weeks instead of months or longer. Our decorative film is much better looking than alternatives such as colored monotone plexiglas and and cheap static window "clings" that peel off in a year or two. Secondly, the designs are top-notch and originals. We offer customization and choices in our designs and medallion choices that are unparalleled in comparison to other film dealers. No other company offers the service that we do... NOBODY. Years from now, you may want to change the look of the church or room, and you are not limited. Because the cost is so reasonable, one can afford to try something else. Church Window Film® also provides many functional advantages that stained glass does not such as, UV protection, heat blockage, and vandal protection, potentially saving you HUNDREDS in utility costs, which would pay for the cost of the film itself.

Can I get a sample and brochure of this before making a decision?

Give us a call at 800-291-3739 and we will send you a FREE small stock sample (specific design samples are available, at a small cost which is refunded upon ordering). We will get a brochure and more info out to you. Be sure you know that the most up to date information about our quality window coverings, such as design choices, will be found on this website. We are always adding new design and medallion choices to the site, while information we mail out may not always reflect the newest additions to our product line.

I need new framed windows, do you sell them too?

Yes, very durable white vinyl windows with tempered glass and film preinstalled, shipped direct to your church. Simply let us know the size of window you need and we will take it from there. Should you just need tempered glass, we offer our film preinstalled on tempered glass, shipped direct to you as well. Call us for more information as prices on those are always fluctuating.

Can I put Church Window Film® on polycarbonate like Lexan and similar products

Of course, it looks as good on regular glass as it does on polycarbonates like Lexan or Plexiglas.

What sizes do Church Window Film® piece come in

In whatever size you need, keep in mind on excessively large pieces sometimes it needs to be pieces together.  We make them the size that YOU ask for. If you want (as an example) a 22 5/8 x 63 7/8 size film, that is the size that we will send to you. Some of our windows have been as large as 50 feet across x 14 feet high. That one was in over twenty individual panels combined together. Absolutely beautiful when finished.

What about ordering more stained glass window coverings years later?

No, we don't have that problem. We give you true craftsmanship. When you get 10 windows in a particular design, we strive to make every one of them the same. And if something were to happen that you needed another one later on, we keep a file on our customers for years to make sure that the next one, if needed will match the originals.

How can I see your products installed?

Easy we are literally all over the USA. Since we have been doing this kind of digital artwork for over twenty-four years there is a hardly a state that doesn't have one of our customers. Our Church Window Film® product customers may be close to you. The sample in your hand is one of your best ways to see for yourself, but if you want to travel and look we would be glad to accommodate you, look over our customer list on this website, it highlights a few of our jobs we have completed over the years

How do I order?

Measure your window glass showing and send us an email with the measurements and the design that you want. Just go to the design page and pick which church design that you want. Fill out an order form and mail it or fax it in. We accept all major credit cards, or a check. Or, call us at 251-473-6860, and we will lead you through it from beginning to end.

Can I get something "really" custom, like a special saint image in the design of the window that you don't show on the web site

Of course, we are asked that all the time, and are willing to help you. Just send us the copy of the picture that you like and we will try to work it out for you. Often though depending on the complexity and the quality of the drawing, it will cost more, but we can talk about it when we see the picture. We will do our best to help you.

How Church Window Film compare in pricing to stained glass?

Compared to the stained glass that we make in our studio, some of our Church Window Film® stained glass window film designs would be over twenty times the cost if we made them in genuine leaded stained glass. Things like pained scenes in stainesd glass can easily run over $1000 a s/f, we offer those options currently at $35 a s/f.  One of our competitors sells a much more inferior film product for over four times our price, and our quality is fantastic! Just because the price is high doesn't make it better. You are buying direct! No middle man! We are the creators, manufacturers, and if needed the installer of our fine product! We also can get your order in a mere fraction of the time it would take to get it in stained glass. Get our sample and prove it to yourself why We are proud to be the oldest, as well as, the world leader of church window film. 

How do we keep our Church Window Film® clean?

In most cases you will never need to touch your films, but if you want to a gentle squeegee with water is all you need. Please NO abrasives or chemical based cleaners, warranty does not cover improper cleaning.