Deluxe Medallion Designs

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Select a deluxe medallion scene or saint choice below to place in a window setting or fill an entire background of your window film with a deluxe medallion for per $30 s/f. ($10 extra per s/f to have these mounted to tempered glass)

(NOTE: For Full Deluxe option, Deluxe Medallions sizes do not completely fill all window shapes, most work best on windows with around a 2 width x 3 length proportions, on other sized windows, we make the scene as large as possible) Call us today for more info. View deluxe medallion and saint choices below:                

 Designs 1-12: Deluxe Set 1   *  Designs 13-26: Deluxe Set 2   *   Designs 27-40: Deluxe Set 3   *   Designs 41-54: Stations of the Cross  *   Designs 55-66: Deluxe Set   *   Designs 66 and up: Saints