Deluxe Medallion Designs

Plain Cross, Diamond, Dove Medallion/Scripture Deluxe Medallions / Saints Mural Scenes Residential

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Select a DELUXE MEDALLION scene or SAINT choice below to place in a window setting.  You may also fill an entire background of your window film with a deluxe medallion. 

*(F) beside saint name donates a full figure option is available, click on thumbnail for more information. Call us today with any questions

View deluxe medallion and saint groups below (if a name is listed but picture hasnt been added yet, contact us for info):             

Designs 1-64: Deluxe Set 1   *  SAINTS DESIGNS   *   Designs 81-94: Deluxe Set 2   *   Designs 95-108: Deluxe Set 3   *   Designs 109-122: Stations of the Cross  *   Designs 123-134: Deluxe Set 4